Monday, November 9, 2009

Lessons from the life of Lord Krishna

Life of Lord Krishna, is a perfect answer to the question 'how to live in "Kaliyug"?':
He was born in a prison, his parents were imprisoned without any crime!!!
He was brought up in a small village, while he deserved to be a part of royal palace.
Daily one or the other demon was sent to take away his life.
His own uncle Kansa tried everything to turn his life into hell.
Even Lord Brahma and Indra created trouble for him.
His own nephew Sishupaal was after his life.
His childhood love Radha was married to somebody else.
In spite of all these adversities he lived his life like a festival (utsaav).
He remained the same; smiling Kanha whether circumstances were favorable or not.
He remained calm even when Gandhari cursed him, or when Narad cursed his clan.
He remained calm during Kurukshetra while being a part of the greatest war ever fought.
It was his wisdom because of which Pandavas emerged victorious against a much larger force of mighty Kouravas.
He was so generous that when Duryodhana (who tried to arrest him) asked for his army to fight against Pandavas (and Krishna himself), he gave him his whole army along with weapons.
The list is endless...
So what we can learn from him:
  1. Be the same "smiling" person (either you are happy or sad inside)
  2. Never give up (life never ends)
  3. Do not wait for any miracle, do it yourself
  4. Be calm and show respect even when your elders are scolding you
  5. Be clever not wicked
  6. Forgive your enemies but never forget their names
  7. Do not leave anything incomplete
  8. Move on in life (even when your dearest one is gone forever)
  9. Do not respond to critics, just keep on improving yourself (many people called him gwala, ranchod, etc.)
  10. Be ready to do anything (even to break your promise) if it is required in order to save dharma
  11. Ethics are flexible, use them for benefit of society
  12. Be humble, even when the whole universe is your slave (he picked "pattals" during rajsuya yagya of Yudhisthir)
  13. Punish them who deserves to be punished, Forgive them who deserve to be forgiven and teach them who value your teachings.
I will keep on writing since we can learn endless things from this Genius's life, so my final words are (I love to repeat them):
Karm kiye ja, fal ki chinta mat kar!!!


  1. gr8 lessons from a gr8 person's life.............
    now the only thing we have to do is that.... putting all these things in our life.

  2. Thank you Kimmi
    You are very right, unless we do not implement these learnings they are of no use.
    Sarabjeet Singh